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Dimension Hand



  Chong Wei Feng - Ashton Chen



The Amazing Trick Shot !!!




Yoy what'up im back !!! XDDDD

28/3/2013 where I going ???

Ya ,,, is last year our class 3 Coklat and very best friend

gathering day at PADUNGAN Wakaka

wanna see the funny photos ?? let us read on .

indecent actions →_→

what pose of this ...... ←_←?

 don see her like that she is

very powerful girl !!! One hit Ko !!! 

.... pitiful



A Group Photos .




leng zai ji ji Onn !! xD

原谅我,志安 xDD


There are many photos did not upload becoz too over -.-

before return home we got a several

have happened 
in the bus =="

fortunately , everything is alright XD kesian kesian xDD



                                                                 Thx for read. =)


Ferrari , Lamborghini , Porsche , Maserati .

ok .. what i want to say ?? let us read on . :)

↙↓↘ ↙↓↘ ↙↓↘ ↙↓↘  ↙↓↘↙↓↘ ↙↓↘   









Which one you like ??

1. Ferarri F12 Berlinetta

We'll probably see the same 6262 cc V12 engine
 that delivers a total of 470 HP at 8500 rpm
and 508 lb-ft of torque at 6000rpm.
Since the car will be weighed down a bit
thanks to the added cloth top ,
we don't expect it to carry the same 0-60 mph sprint
 time of 3.1 seconds or top speed of 211 mph.

   2. Lamborghini Aventador

the CDS will shut down one bank of the V-12 engine 
under low loads at speeds less than 135 km/h (83.9 mph).
This will leave the Aventador cruising around as
an in-line 6-cylinder until you need the extra power.
No need to worry is a 12berlinetta comes up on your tail,
as a quick tap of the throttle and all 12 cylinders
 start pumping again like nothing happened.

All of this will decrease the 2013 Aventador’s combined fuel 
consumption to 16 l/100 km (14.7 mpg) and its CO2 emissions
 from 398 g/km to 370 g/km. Total emissions and fuel consumption
 at 130 km/h (80.77 mph) is estimated to drop by about 20 percent.

 3. Porsche 911 Sport Classic

The Porsche 91 Sport Classic is based on the rear wheel
drive Carrera S and comes with a few new body
 pieces and a wider body in the rear to house
the almost 2 inch wider track.
The Carrera Classic is powered by a 3.8 Liter direct
injected horizontally opposed six cylinder engine that thanks
to the introduction of the new intake manifold
that features six vacuum controlled flaps
that increases the 911s maximum output by a total of 23 HP,
 bringing the Carrera Classic's max power up to 408HP.

4. Maserati Gran Turismo

Under the hood, Maserati includes the 4.7-liter V-8 engine 
that was firstly used in the GranTurismo Sport. 
With this new engine, the 2013 MC Stradale delivers a
 total of 460 horsepower – a 10 horsepower increase
over the previous version. This new engine
 also helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
The engine is mated to an MC Race Shift six-speed
robotized manual gearbox and sprints the car up to a top speed of 188 mph.

And last watch this video and thank you visit my blog =) !!!


good bye 2012 hallo 2013 =)

Halo 2013 

 PS My frenz , since last year July until nw baru updated .. 

Bobian lah  ~  vry busy want to work  ..

But !!!  at work this two months i vry happy

becoz i acquaint a lot frenz !!! Hahaha !!! XD

Until my last holiday work that day i told myself

" nxt year i would like to do there again " . xDD


1/1/2012 12:00 AM  Go to Boulevard countdown 

Evening we eat hot pot and BBQ ~ Damn so enjoy  

until 11:++ we go to 101 but really boring nth to do becoz raining = =

then change the place go to boulevard XDD



   马嘉轩 & 张起政


A few ppl at stage front see only ..

other ppl at shopping mall inside waiting a firework ... lol



GG.Com is first day of sch but i'm late =3=

i use a vry fast speed go to bathe thn call my mom faster bring me go to school

like a nervous people = =" lolz

arrive at sch i see eh .. why so many student no enter a class ?!

cheh ... today first day no need so early go sch

haiyor ~ i think i so smart  Ahahaha !!! XD

 Fucking !!! all classmate nt a same class ...... Sad Chinn -0-


Ok ~ lazy to write anymore ,  thx for read  !!! =D




七月的最后一天、将近要一个月没开了 =.= 没办法 忙 @@!!
这个月的节目就是去古晋节 -3-

真的是屁股撞屁股 !!! 每天人都一样多  zek arh ~ -0-

上个星期六去 Kuching Festival  , 哪里知道去到下雨了 -.-

星期天去又下雨  干 = =!!!   很好 !!! 昨天去没下雨 =.=

 礼拜日去到下雨 !!!!!  就等等 等雨小点再走、 一等 就一个小时多 = =

 雨比较小 、回车去找吃 A_____A""

After 7  :)

black pepper beef rice 挺好吃的 0.0

这个冰淇淋害我隔天感冒 -.-

下星期考试囖 可是还没那个心要准备去考 @@ XD

更新也不知道更新什么好 =3=  不写了 懒惰 XDD



1/7/2012 D&C Car Show ♥

IM coming XDD lately so busy ... -___-

Lolz concatenation two day go training badminton - -

just now i feeling my hands legs so bad ~~

Yesterday went to see Car show <3

No nid say anymore just see pic XD



My Dream Car Fairlady <3

Nice Body Kit ♥ 

Damn Nice Lower !!! <33

 Make me crazy -.-!!!

♥ Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R and Latio ♥

Skyline <3  nice rims ♥




Ya .. i Crazy and i knw it XDDD

But real Nice 

ok , lazy to write alredy . Bye ~

                                                                                                                             Slp Time "